One Step From Eden

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Жанр: Strategy
Компания: Thomas Moon Kang
Общий размер: 1.55 GB

Описание игры "One Step From Eden":
One Step From Eden - это стратегическая игра с карточными элементами и элементами в стиле рогалика. Игра является продолжением серии, начатого в 2009 году. Игра позволяет игрокам сражаться в тактических поединках с компьютером или другим пользователем. Мы наблюдаем мир со стороны. Сражения происходят в режиме реального времени на карте, разделенной на квадратные поля - мы можем свободно перемещать нашего персонажа вбок, вверх и вниз, чтобы избежать атак противника или найти лучшую позицию контратаковать.

Диапазон доступных умений и специальных способностей зависит от выбранного вами персонажа (игра предлагает несколько разных героев) и карт, которые у вас есть - в игре вы найдете несколько сотен заклинаний, такое же количество разных врагов (включая могущественных боссов, которые уникальные испытания) и более сотни предметов, которые повышают способности вашего персонажа. Способности могут быть объединены. Карта, на которой мы сражаемся, также может быть важна для битвы (локации случайны).
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⇒ Changelog:

--Sandbox-- Added an xml file "TestZone.xml" for choosing how you want to set up your test environment. It boots directly into the scene you choose, along with the console and cheat menu being enabled! You can change the enemies and other world variables in Zones.xml. There is also a "developer" sandbox (with the game in debug mode) on the Steam beta branch! Example path for XML files: "C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonOne Step From EdenOSFE_DataStreamingAssetsData"

There's more info at the bottom of TestZone.xml Join #modding for more info!

--Balance Changes-- Weapons now pierce Defense, this includes Gunner's weapons Flames no longer pierce Defense Hell Pass 11 - Evil Hostages have a chance to spawn with normal Hostages instead of replacing them (except for Distress zones where they can replace them) Storm spells can no longer get the Frost upgrade Luck for each "None" Focus: 1->2 Improved Kunai range consistency Spintail enemies now fire less shots so you're not stuck waiting as long Various Flower artifact HP Losses lowered Shuffle staleness cap 2->3s Shuffle staleness multiplier 0.1->0.15s (increases shuffle time after every shuffle)


Beacon Shots: 1->2

Blizzard Rarity: 2->3 Damage: 10->20

Booster Shot Poison: 80->120

Bow Snipe Rarity: 1->2

Carpet Bomb Damage: 40->120

Counter Strike Gain 50 Shield and fire a shot -> Gain 50 Shield and fire 2 Kunais

Flurry Rarity: 2->1

Fracture Mana Cost: 1->2 Damage: 70->120 Wanted the Flow trigger to be more rewarding

Glitterstorm Rarity: 3->4

Hailstorm Damage: 10->20

Hyper Beam Rarity: 2->3

Jam Anchor duration: 0.1->0.2

Northwind Rarity: 1->2

Power Saws Base damage: 40->100 Spell Power damage multiplier: 20->10 Rarity: 3->4 Mana: 2->3

Prophecy Now only hits enemy field Damage: 200->240

Resonate No longer hits structures Brand: Convergence->Hexawan

Ring Spells Mana Cost: 2->1

Shattersaw Rarity: 1->0

Switchbait Shots: 2->1

Time Slow Rarity: 1->2

Twinferno Damage: 50->60

Waterfall Fire rate: 0.05->0.15


Beret Health drop: 80%->60%

Candy Wrapper Rarity: 2->1

Choco Mint Chip Slow duration on Frost: 4->2.5 seconds

Duel Disk Jams on Shuffle: 1->3 Rarity: 2->3

Ghost Costume Invince duration: 7->4 seconds

Ice Floe Flow Gain: 1->2

Immune System Shield: 10->20

Meat Shield Shield on Consume: 20 -> 10

Merit Badge Rarity: 1->2

Mining Rig Money: 5->3

Ninjutsu Chance to add Kunai on hit: 100%->50%

Pet Kitty Now fires in a cone from current tile instead of front tile making it harder to land all 3 hits on the same target

Phase Plates Invince duration: 1->0.75 seconds

Resistant Strain Minimum poison: 10->20

Spellthief License Heal on Remove: 50->100 HP

Step Drone Now pierces defense

Soul Food Max HP: 50->20

Thorn Spell Power: 5->4

Transcendence Now reduces Shield Shuffle Decay from 40%->25%

Unicorn Bomb Damage: 20->40

Uranium Spell Power 8->5

--Hotfix 1.5.1 12-4-2020 Fixed issues with hell pass selection and unlocking Weapon can no longer be "removed" Fixed an issue with having the map and accept button assigned to the same button Reduced pendulum tick reduction from -2->-1.9 so that having two won't cause the tick duration to be 0 Added placeholders in English for some missing translations (these will be updated later) Added 144hz fps option

--Hotfix 1.5.2 12-5-2020 Fixed missing localization characters Fixed a bug that would not unlock Hell Mode 1 after beating a normal run Click Hold to Skip in settings now work properly Loading flash on startup removed Fixed tracker laser line dissappearing in consecutive gate fights Hell passes that were accidentally set when not eligible are now turned off automatically Fixed map unable to open in rewards screen Fixed JamShield localization Removed description requirement for mod update Fixed silo preview Changed extra taunt animations for modding to trigger using "taunt2", "taunt3", etc. Readability mode no longer shows descriptions for locked cards

--Hotfix 1.5.3 12-6-2020 Pull no longer hits pets OnManaBelow trigger now works with weapons Artifact hovering is no longer blocked on shop and deck screen Inelligible hell passes will be properly disabled Snow boots will no longer trigger on player Censor bar will no longer trigger on player Character select screen previews moved to the right Mod sprites import format set to RGBA32 to preserve quality Censor Bar now only triggers on Channel Spells, not weapons

Water Wheel Flow Stacks 2->1

Barrier Shield 20+10Flow -> 30+5Flow

--Hotfix 1.5.4 12-8-2020 Overload no longer roots

--Hotfix 1.5.5 12-9-2020 Fixed music randomly unpausing in menu Anvil description fixed from 10->13 shield Water wheel flow amount fixed to give 1 flow after removing 1 from spell cast Barrier now glows green if you have flow Added some delays to end of Boss Saffron combos, she now calculates movement right before moving allowing you to outmaneuver her a bit more consistently. Also increased her delay before moving slightly. Pendulum now decreases poison duration by a percentage so it can be infinitely stacked Prophecy now hits 6 tiles instead of 4 (2 on player side) Fixed a bug where the next hell pass would not unlock if the hell pass button was not clicked before the run. Fixed a bug where a missing translation would cause the game to get stuck (i.e. on pet artifact rewards) Skulls from world icons will be removed properly on new runs Gave Boss Saffron pauses between her combos at high tiers Fix mods not install on profile 2 and 3 Fix a crash when removing a spell and closing menu Overload can no longer get on hit upgrades since it doesn't "hit"

--Hotfix 1.5.6 12-16-2020 Updated Korean localization missing characters Attempted to fix a bug where opening the map during reward selection would remove focus from the rewards Bolt Action no longer triggers on minion kills Removing Pendulum now works properly Run in background now attached to Menu Music setting. If you don't want the game to run in background, you can turn off Menu Music.

--Ending Note-- Most of these features came directly from you, the community and I'm happy to finally add them to the game! Thank you for sticking around and coming up with these great ideas!

After the last patch in April, I realized I was pretty burnt out and needed a break from OSFE. I know the extra settings took a while to come out, so I'm sorry for the wait. I still love the game and really enjoy working on it.

What's next? I've attempted adding online multiplayer but I've decided it will require making a whole other standalone game. I may experiment with that in the future. In the meantime I'm always working on something!

Feel free to follow any future work I do here:

Happy Holidays~ -Thomas
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