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Жанр: Turn-based
Компания: Goblinz Studio
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Описание игры "Oaken":
Мистический мир Oaken лежит вне времени и пространства. На ветвях Великого дуба (Great Oak) населяющие его лесные духи издревле прислушиваются к таинственному голосу, который они называют Песнью дуба (Oak Song).
И когда этот голос умолкает, между обитателями древа начинается распря, которая либо исцелит Великий дуб, либо окончательно его уничтожит.

  • Кампания, ориентированная на отдельных героев и сочетающая в себе элементы как «рогалика», так и коллекционной карточной игры.
  • Мистический мир, населенный духами и вдохновленный мифологией древних кельтов.
  • Процедурно-сгенерированный мир со множеством уровней, боссов и различного рода событий.
  • Оригинальные сражения на сетке поля боя, где важную роль играет расположение ваших отрядов.
  • Гибкая система улучшений ваших духов и доступных им чар.
  • Легко освоить, сложно покорить, но уровень сложности выбираете вы сами.
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614.02 MB setup_oaken_0.5.0_(57927).exe
⇒ Changelog:

Update 0.9.2 (January 18th, 2023)

  • Seas of Serpents - a new world for Chapter 2 with a new boss, elites and events
  • VFX visuals for most spells, skills and abilities were reinvented
  • The final boss fight was reworked - it's more streamlined and more challenging, especially with masteries. It's not 100% finished visually yet
  • Boss fights in the SoS, the Crown and the Hollows were slightly reworked/improved
  • All old levels in the Crown were improved/reworked, and a few additional levels were added
  • You can now choose the world you want to visit, based on the guaranteed rewards from the chapter's boss
  • Multiple objects, cards and units were improved or has been recreated from scratch (finally shrines too!)
  • Objectives were completely reworked and should work and display more accurately
  • Spell targeting was completely reworked and should now allow for more precise spell range indicators
  • A large general balance/rework pass was also performed, with all guides, talents, trinkets, spells, wisps, etc that needed a buff/nerf receiving one
  • Bosses and elites that leave the board for a turn now cannot move or attack after returning, but they now cast those spells only after finishing their turn
  • Refuge node now restores all Exhausted cards to the player, no matter which option they choose
  • Regen/Degen now activate at the end of a unit's turn, not the start and it is much easier to anticipate its damage
  • More events are now shared between worlds in the same chapter for an increased variety
  • Obstacles are now interactive and can be destroyed
  • Node distribution was changed to allow for more varied outcomes
  • Elder and hollow units are now easier to differentiate from their basic versions
  • New trinkets were added (16)
  • New Wisps were added (16)
  • And, as always, a ton of bugfixes
  • wade can now also push units onto occupied hexes
  • impale can now be cast on allies
  • decompose has been redesigned a bit
  • decomposeA+ and flowB+ also make the caster swap rotation with the target (this was inconsistent between spells)
  • flow now costs 1 less Lumi
  • flowB+ now moves the targets forward instead of giving strengthened targets strength
  • surge now costs 1 more Lumi - it overperforms by a lot for it's cost and should still be competitive at 3 Lumi
  • allureC+ can now affect allies
  • repel can now target enemies
  • addle can now target allies
  • debilitateB+ now inflicts Exposure based on the amount of allied hexes adjacent to the target
  • recycleC+ now deals additional damage if the target is ensnared, not weakened
  • launch now can be cast onto the hero in its basic version
  • launch A+ now restores health to the target after a collision occurs
  • launch C+ now gives the target Growth
  • shift now doesn't prevent attacking and can be cast onto any nearby hex, but doesn't have reach shift A, B and C+ have been changed
  • protect was fixed to include Strength, but now only affects nearby hexes
  • recycle now spawns niblets rotated in the same direction as the target
  • sprout now spawns niblets rotated in the direction of the spell
  • Aya's skill can now target allies if the player for some reason wants to do it
  • upgraded Aya's skill now deals additional damage if the target is not adjacent instead of hitting more targets
  • upgraded Enju's skill now makes the target a Defender
  • Kusta's skill now only affects a single enemy in your LoS
  • Kusta's upgraded skill now works like the previous unupgraded one
  • Baralai's upgraded skill now pushes all units in your frontal arc away
  • Plague now deals damage to ALL nearby units
  • upgraded Plague now deals damage to ALL units
  • upgraded Cultivate now creates an additional allied hex under yourself
  • Buff Up now also removes Weakness from the target
  • The lord of niblets now summons a single Wild Niblet instead of 2, but also summons one when attacked
  • The conqueror's spit now summons a hollow orbling instead of 2 wild ones on expert
  • Enemies now summon pawns in a way which is not so vulnerable to outsmating
  • Grandmaster Artisan was changed a bit
  • Lifeblood now works on turn start, not on turn end
  • Emblem of Loyalty now grants Shield on losing Shield
  • Zapbloom now triggers on Slay
  • Crippling Vines are now AoE and trigger the first time you attack each battle
  • The Cycle affects the whole board, not only nearby units
  • Toxic Coating doesn't give you degen anymore
  • Spore Infestation now weakens all adjacent units when you are attacked
  • Lumite Symbionts now inflict Weakness and Exposure on the attacker, not yourself, but don't give any stats
  • Cleansing Heart now protects from becoming Weakened, too
  • Source of Eternity doesn't give minus stats now
  • Alluring Sundew gives +1 health
  • Horn of the Winds doesn't grant "Elusive" but "Mobility" instead
  • Necklace of Forecast grants just Vigilant now
  • Incorruptible Bark gives +1 health
  • Thorn Thrower grants just Shooter now
  • Barbed Rose's Seed doesn't deal damage to your units now
  • Dark Infusion now heals all Fatigue when received
  • The rarity of some trinkets was changed to better fit the way they now work
  • Wisp and trinket names are now colored by rarity
  • Twisted Wisp now Ensnares the first enemy in the line to its front
  • Caustic Wisp now deals 1 damage, but to all enemies in its frontal arc
  • Versatile Wisp now doesn't trigger on Outsmart, only on Awake
  • Unwavering Wisp now grants Shield, not Strength, to actually increase the survaviblity of the unit with Fatigue
  • The Storm Inbound now grants Haste on Slay, not Mobility - it was overperforming by a lot
  • Elder Daughter is now 3/4 instead of 4/3
  • Elder Shaper now summons Niblets in its frontal arc instead of pushing the unit in front of it away
  • Aya's Awake now deals bonus damage to non-adjacent units (up to 2), and her talent increases that to up to 3
  • Talent 1:3 doesn't remove units from your deck anymore, but it also cannot roll trinkets of the highest rarity
  • Talent 4:3 now gives a Lumi Globe at the start of the game
  • Talent 5:2 was reworded to better mean what it actually does. More rewards are included as guide-synergistic, but the chance increase was reduced to +25%
  • Talent 5:3 now gives +0/+3 instead of an upgraded spell
  • Luminati is now a global event that can only appear in the 2nd and 3rd chapters
  • Achievements now track progression
  • Masteries are now selected by rows - you can still select the masteries you want, but masteries from further tiers can only be selected after a whole previous tier is selected
  • You can now preview the enemy hero on their portrait, and enemy skills are visible all the time, with the one that's currently available being highlighted
  • The highest mastery on which you have won with a particular guide is now displayed in the player profile
  • Shrine visibility was improved
  • Chill mode is now more visible and available since the first game
  • Strength, shield and other modifiers had their system improved and should now display more sensibly

Spellcasters Update 0.5.0

Notice: This patch has some major gameplay changes and will clear your currently saved run!
  • improved tutorial, now it includes world-map steps and much more information
  • added a new Guide - Raiku. He can be unlocked in any chapter after the player has unlocked 3 or more Guides
  • added 8 new spells
  • added separate world illustration for the Crown
  • many UX improvements
  • large rework of the keyword script system, making interactions between different unit effects, spells and special fields more consistent and fixing multiple issues with "on death" effects
  • slightly reduced and unified the amount of Lumi Dust gained, especially from main battle objectives
  • added animations for Keeper spirit and a new model and animations for Picker spirit
  • changed few achievements to provide a better challenge
  • fixed trinkets sprite areas
  • fixed shrines and made them more visible
  • fixed a bug causing shrines to sometimes spawn on top of each other
  • fixed few achievements not working correctly
  • fixed Source of Eternity and Spore Infestation trinkets
  • fixed levitating Lurkers bug
  • fixed some VFX visuals

Talent Tree Update 0.4.0

Main Features:
  • completely revamped the difficulty system - expert mode was removed, Mastery Tree was added
  • the player can now choose difficulty modifiers they wish to impose on themselves and unlock Mastery Points by completing runs with the highest Mastery level available
  • added the Talent Tree
  • the player can choose talents before starting the game that provide some benefits, up to 6 talents can be chosen at once
  • talents can be unlocked by finishing runs with various guides and completing achievements
  • added Heal Button for healing Fatigued and Exhausted spirits
  • reduced the length of each chapter by 1 node
  • buffed/Nerfed some weak/broken trinkets and abilities
  • tripwire Creepers - works on enemies only
  • lumite Symbionts - gives +1/+5 instead of +1/+3
  • the Swift Gardener Wisp - works up to 3 times per turn
  • adjusted Fatigue values in a few Events
  • added 5 new trinkets
  • improved clarity and terms of some keywords
  • removed the possibility of freely rotating before moving - this feature did not work as intended
  • refuge shop was balanced a bit - trinkets can now appear there, good items appear more frequently and cost less
  • fixed an issue causing Aya to be considered the current guide for achievement purposes if the game was reloaded from a save
  • fixed issues causing shrines to not correctly apply their effects in some cases
  • fixed some issues with displaying Unstable cards in hand and deck preview
  • fixed a bug causing push and amber prison interactions to not work as intended
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