Out Zone

Просмотров: 6Дата: 28-06-2023, 13:13
Жанр: Action
Компания: Bitwave Games
Общий размер: 12.36 MB

Описание игры "Out Zone":
Out Zone от Toaplan возвращается в строй и переполнен новейшими возможностями, такими как таблица лидеров онлайн, абсолютно точная симуляция аркады, быстрое сохранение и совершенно новый режим для новичков. Адские задания этого известнейшего из шутеров жанра run-and-gun в истории аркад заставят ваше сердце биться быстрее, если у вас хватит навыков выстоять!
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12.36 MB
⇒ Changelog:
Update 25 (March 29th, 2023)
  • Leaderboards fix: Applied Common version leaderboard score fix for Hard and Normal versions
  • Instrument Panel added: Showing vehicle movement, numbers of bombs, high-score, and more
  • Instrument Panel addition: Crate count
  • Menu fix: Standardized the menu appearance between all games for a more cohesive look
  • Settings Save fix: All settings should now save and load correctly
  • Menu fix: Added “Reset to Default” option for the TV color values
  • Assist Mode fix: Enabling Arcade Mode turns off “Show Hitboxes”
  • Bug fix: fixed issues where CRT and TV color values would sometimes save incorrectly
  • Audio filter: Optional Echo, Reverb, Low-Pass and High-Pass filters added
  • Bug fix: The Save/Load and Start Replay menus now scroll if you have more than eight saves or replays
  • Resolution fix: Allow UI scaling of 200% for exceptionally high resolution monitors
  • Rewind fix: Fixed issue where rewinding while recording would break and desync the recording
  • Replay fix: Starting a recording now prevents you from rewinding further back than from the start of the recording
  • Save/Load fix: The game no longer crashes when you open the save/load menu if you have more than 32 save files
  • Replay fix: The game no longer crashes when you open the replay menu if you have more than 32 recordings
  • Bug fix: Toggling fullscreen with ALT+ENTER no longer closes the pause menu
  • Save/Load fix: When loading quick saves players are requested to press start to assign controllers to each player
  • Bug fix: Fixed Insert Coin when using Raw Input and joined a game
  • Updated menu navigation: added scrolling where appropriate and improved navigation logic for menus with multiple columns
  • Rewind update: Added the ability to rewind faster by holding the speedup button and the rewind button simultaneously
  • Rewind fix: You can now fast-rewind and fast-forward with the left and right bumpers in the rewind UI
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where the pause menu logo was shown in the rewind UI
  • Leaderboards fix: Scores achieved in Practice Mode are no longer uploaded to the leaderboards
  • Leaderboard fix: Entries with invalid details (area counter, shot counter etc) no longer display any details
  • Fixed issues where the leaderboard screen could become unresponsive
336 x 280
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