The Humans: Meet the Ancestors!

Просмотров: 4Дата: 27-04-2023, 14:24
Жанр: Puzzle
Компания: Blue Monkey Studios Inc.
Общий размер: 398.07 MB

Описание игры "The Humans: Meet the Ancestors!":
The Cuddly Humans Are on The Loose!

The Little Cave Dwellers Need Your help! Use Important Stone Age Discoveries Such as Fire and Spears, and Rescue the Kidnapped Tribesfolk from cunning Enemies and mighty Dinosaurs. Countless challenges set in beautiful scenery await in this humorous puzzle game. Master Them with logic and skill.

• The Cult classic with its unique combination of tests and skill and humorous puzzles.
• 80 exciting challenging levels in 8 landscapes full of variety
• A wide range of interactive objects and weapons from the Stone Age.
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398.07 MB setup_the_humans_meet_the_ancestors_1.0_(61596).exe
336 x 280
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