The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection

Просмотров: 4Дата: 27-04-2023, 14:27
Жанр: Puzzle
Компания: Zachtronics
Общий размер: 462.91 MB

Описание игры "The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection":
The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection is here! Inside you will find seven totally unique solitaire games originally designed as minigames for our 2016–2022 releases, updated with new 4K graphics, plus one brand new solitaire variant found only in this collection.

  • Shenzhen Solitaire: A FreeCell-inspired solitaire variant with a three-color deck based on mahjong tiles
  • Sigmar’s Garden: A tile matching game using the alchemical symbols from Opus Magnum
  • Proletariat’s Patience: An asymmetric solitaire variant where some cards are grouped by suit while others are stacked by alternating colors
  • Kabufuda Solitaire: A challenging solitaire variant using Japanese kabufuda cards where additional free cells are unlocked by making sets
  • Cluj Solitaire: An original solitaire variant where you can “cheat” by placing cards wherever you want, so long as you’re careful
  • Cribbage Solitaire: A score-based solitaire variant using modified Cribbage rules and an actual Cold War aircraft recognition deck
  • Sawayama Solitaire: A reimagined version of Klondike that is faster, more strategic, and more often winnable than the original
  • Fortune’s Foundation: A brand new and extra-challenging solitaire variant using a deck of Tarot cards that presents a fortune when you win
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336 x 280
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